One of the main materials used in Suno & Morrison is GARA-BOU, which is the yarn spun in a spinning machine called Gara-Bou.

This machine was invented in Japan in the late Meiji period, the oldest spinning machine produced in Japan. Originally, it was intended to reuse waste scraps of yarn fibers during the time textiles was very valuable. Electricity was not widely distributed at that time and some machines were driven by water wheels.

Gara-Bou machines had been popular for a certain period, but were gradually pushed away by modern spinning machines suitable for mass-production. Nowadays only a few Gara-Bou machines are working. Their spinning speed is very slow, and the amount of yarn that can be produced in one day is about 10kg, corresponding to only twenty five sheets of a large size stole of Suno & Morrison.

Instead of slow speed, or for this reason, GARA-BOU can be spun soft, light and rustic yarn and finished with unevenness just like hand spun yarn. GARA-BOU is based on Japanese good skills/technologies and it is difficult for modern large scale spinning machines to make this texture.

GARA-BOU used in Suno & Morrison is made of falls (*1) of organic cotton, thus much softer compared to other materials made of ordinary cotton, and finished with gentle texture to the touch.

GARA-BOU products can be used not only for your own, but also for children and baby gifts. We hope you will keep our products always beside and feel comfort of GARA-BOU.

(*1) short fibers difficult to spun to yarn with the modern spinning machines, and usually wasted.

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